The Never Ending Dance

Welcome to my unplanned day after Easter post! I have a confession, I secretly hate Easter. I don’t know if it’s the residual of all the frilly pastel Easter dresses I had to wear when I was a kid, the fact that I don’t like candy, or if it’s just because it makes me sad. It feels odd to celebrate the death of my Savior with ham and potatoes. I know what you’re thinking, “we aren’t celebrating His death, but His resurrection!’ You’re right, and I know. But it’s also the reminder of how weak our humanity is. Also, not a bad reminder, but its sad for me to try to imagine which side I would be on if I had been there the day He hung on a cross. I would love to think that I wouldn’t have joined in with the crowd, yelling “crucify Him!” But I just don’t know. The one thing I do love about the holiday, is the reminder that regardless of which side of that crowd you were/are on, He was there for you. Not because of anything you had done, but because to Him, you were worth the sacrifice if it meant having a relationship with you.

Too often, I think that His purpose is only fulfilled if I hold up my end, if I write the words, dance to the choreography. But that isn’t true is it? He doesn’t stop when we stop. He keeps right on going with His purpose, and His plan. He is not deterred by my weakness, rather He is strong enough for both of us. He likes to find me when I am least distracted (i.e.: the shower or right before bed), and last night as I got ready for bed after a long day, we had a talk. I was exhausted, but He met me where I was, and it was so simple, so sweet, the words just flowed into my mind, and clamored to be released on paper. His death on the cross was not the ending that evil hoped it to be, but rather the beginning of a beautiful dance, one that we have all been invited into. Every beat rings differently for each of us, we all have our own unique song, but it all blends together into a heavenly symphony that only He can really hear and appreciate. Wherever you may be in your dance today, remember that He plays for You. Even when we stand hesitantly on the edge of the dance floor, He keeps playing, waiting for you to step in and join Him.

The Never Ending Dance
Type it out, take it back,
I just can’t let it go.
Too afraid, so I hide,
Keep it all in my soul.
I start, I stop, You just keep playing,
The music so sweet and so inviting.
You wait so patiently for me to join in,
And then You sweep me away,
In the dance that’s never ending.

Here I go, no I can’t,
Lord are you sure You need me?
Ok deep breath, take that step,
I trust you freely.

I start, I stop, You just keep playing,
The melody sings straight to my soul.
You watch me hesitate before I join in,
And then suddenly I’m caught up,
In the dance that’s never ending.

Breathe You in, breathe me out,
I’m tired of my own voice.
More of You, less of me,
Lord You are my choice.

I start, I stop, You just keep playing,
This symphony gives life to my soul.
All from You, not from me,
You alone have arranged,
The dance that’s never ending.

I am brave, I am strong,
Lord, I hear You clearly.
I’m all in, I’m all Yours,
Take me where You need me. 

I start, I stop, You just keep playing,
Your song for me is all I want to hear.
My feet moved to dance, my soul to sing,
All the notes so familiar,
In the dance that’s never ending. 

Nothing more, nothing less,
Than all of me.
You saw worth, I saw none,
You saw my place so clearly,
In the dance that’s never ending.

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